Full Name: Mariam Naomi George Group: TS01 Individual Assignment

1 . You will discover five logistics/supply chain tales in the video. Suggest a suitable title that you would give to each story. (10 marks)

FarEastFlora- " Delivering love to the one's we love”

Moving the animals- " Dimensions up the Sheep”

WLNA- " Keeping it cool with this Sunny Island”

NTUC source chain- " Right product, right volume, at the right time! ” Keppel Logistics- " The life and benefits of logisticians”

2 . What type of logistics truly does each account belong to? (10 marks)

WLNA - Merchandise based logistics

FarEastFlora- Item based strategies

Transporting of sheep to mosques- Customer based strategies

Groceries (NTUC supply chain)- Product based logistics

Keppel logistics- Item based strategies

3. Determine and illustrate some of the systems used by the logistics firms in the video. (20 Marks)

CoolPort- Able to store very good form -28 degrees to 19 certifications and it is monitored all the time and has real-time temperature logging systems. This kind of keeps the foodstuff fresh and safe to consume. FarEastFlora-Each stalk from the roses acquire conditioned and prepared so they can stay longer. Also the customized computer software known as the " track and trace” which is at the frontend of the customer relationship management system. To change the address with the recipient even though it's a very last minute change by customer it is possible with this method. WLNA- Features to hold (-25 to 18 degrees) Frozen meals for locations such as Carls JR to prevent harmful bacteria from growing. Refrigerated trucks with sub engines where the temperature can be manipulated from -30 to 0 degrees. Even when the engine is off the sub engine where the food is placed can manage independently.

4. In the five firms in the video, which one(s) of them performed as a 3rd party logistics organization? (10 marks)

Keppel strategies and WLNA are both instances of third party strategies...



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