Introduction to Betting among More mature Adults in Singapore: Critique Paper

This can be a review paper drafted on the introduction of the content " Betting among more mature adults in Singapore: several preliminary empirical findings” by Vincent C. K. Ng, printed in Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work and Expansion (2011), 21 years old (1), web pages 18 – 21. The article is about a research study executed to collect scientific data about gambling patterns in more mature adults (aged 60 and above) in Singapore. The creation of said content was examined thoroughly in the organisation as well as its language and elegance. Overall, it showed distinctive creditable composing qualities while there is a slight neglect in developing the writer's voice.

Pertaining to readers who also prefer a crystal clear breakdown details in a study article, they might enjoy reading this article. The Introduction was explored within a smooth and gradual progress, starting from a large scope reference point of betting in Singapore context, for the definitions of key terms linked to theme, and finally focusing the issue about gambling in older adults in Singapore in the third segment of Introduction. You will discover succinct headings on each part of information, just like " Aim of Study” (Ng, 2011, p. 20) seen in the last part of Advantages. Segmenting content with concise headings throughout the article is a good point since it allows simplicity of reference intended for readers trying to find specific data.

Additionally , every segment was appropriately developed with info. As proven in the opening segment of Introduction, Ng (2011) experienced clearly stated his theme sentence in support of talked about the gambling scenario and activities in Singapore, creating a general background to get his document. This consistent manner of getting content in bite-sized all through the article decreases overloading details yet together equipped visitors with adequate knowledge to interpret data in later on part of content.

Next, the language and writing design was enough for the audience of the printed journal. Syntax...



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