The Central Idea

Chinua Achebe's " Useless Men's Path” begins having a young and fervent schoolteacher known as Michael Obi. Michael is usually chosen and becomes your head teacher of the Ndume Central School. He is helped by simply his partner Nancy, and in addition they both quickly start to create new becomes the school. All their first change is to give a garden and modernize the college; another transform is to improve the level of education. Eventually Michael sees a woman by a local village walk throughout the garden. A teacher explains to Michael which the path runs through the school yard and connects a community shrine using a sacred funeral place. Michael's young superstition decides to close and turn off the path. Following doing so, a priest from your village warns him to correct the path or bad points will happen, yet Michael won't listen. A few days afterwards a woman dies in child birth and the school was terribly damaged and Michael receives a bad review from the school supervisor.

The main central idea in " Useless Men's Path” is that tradition and contemporary ideas no longer always work together and that traditions should be well known. In Michaels eyes he was helping and fixing the school, but failed to realize having been disturbing and disrespecting other people's beliefs. What exactly I think Chinua Achebe's was trying to point out in his account " Deceased Men's Path” was that people underestimate other folks views and beliefs and sometimes disrespect their beliefs by trying to transform things that shouldn't be. Finally people need to respect other folks cultural customs instead of looking to change them to what they think is correct.



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