The Detroit Theatre Market

Seattle provides gained a reputation of the proliferation of theatres as 1962. Theatres were named beneficiary of Seattle Center, a venue and service provider, and several initiatives including one furnished by Ford Groundwork. Historically, the five main theatre companies--Seattle Repertory Theater, A Contemporary Theater, The Vacant Space Theater, Intiman Movie theater, and Seattle Children's Theatre—and other smaller sized ones accompanied each other by way of a unique niche categories individually throughout the 1970s and the1980s. We were holding differentiated according to general aesthetics, programming, the size and character from the venues, the timing of the season, etc . Rep, a repertory company, was the largest and had financial clout for making big and money-consuming production as well as to effect the ticket expense in the market. TAKE ACTION focused on modern-day playwrights or adaptations. Empty Space was the incubator of recent and offbeat writers and works. By mid 1990's, however , lots of the leading theaters had broadened their coding to the magnitude that they overlapped considerably, causing the loss of contributor and viewers.

II. Marketing Objective(s)

It was common that artistic company directors, actors moved from one organization to another in Seattle. It led to the similar style of theatres' programming. While the elevating homogeneity amongst theatres eroding their distinctiveness, loyalty of donors and audiences to any organization was waning. Therefore, to restore individual brand equity plus the brand of " theatre arts” in Seattle were both equally critical. In addition , it's also important to locate initiatives to increase individual, corporate and business and foundation donations. 3 Marketing Problems and Possibilities

Externally, the five major theatres were facing competition with other disciplines organizations and entertainment for audiences, ticket sales, and venues. Also, they need to strive for more led income underneath declining help in addition to the slumping U. S. economic climate. Internally,...



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