Living and Death of Pimp C Retainer

The Life and Death of Pimp C

Chad Lamont Butler came to be on 12 , 29th, 1973 in Port Arthur, Tx. He is better known by his level name Pimp C and one of the two founding people of the hip hop duo Subterranean Kings often known as UGK. Over the course of his twenty-year career in the music sector he became known for his love of selling and using drugs, along with his desire to pimp girls which most can be observed in the words of the tune of his music. Normally, living this kind of a demoralized lifestyle it caused him to have various run-ins while using law.

A depiction of his lifestyle could be heard through his sentirse on a music such as Leanin' in which he can featured about fellow Houston, Texas artist Slim Thug's album Supervisor of all Bosses. He speaks of growing to celebrity off medicine sales, which funded his music job, and if he ever stopped selling documents he would in that case move into prostitution. He also pens in the verse just how he chose to celebrate his success utilizing the prescription medication Promethazine and Codeine, which also passes by the street brand Lean, Viscous, thick treacle or Purple Drank.

Pimp C was known inside the music market by various other musicians and his fans for being a distinguished lover of " Syrup”. Many popular artist that have created songs based on their love to get the drug sought out Pimp C to get a guest appearance on their record. Unfortunately, the abuse of this drug induced Pimp C to develop Stop snoring. On December 4th, 2007 in Are usually, California Pimp C was found deceased in his hotel room from a great apparent overdose. The Oregon County coroner's office ruled his loss of life an overdose " due to respiratory depressive disorder due to a great overdose of promethazine and codeine with a pre-existing good sleep apnea”. References

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