The Philippines Within the Spanish Colonial time Regime

п»їThe Philippines under the The spanish language colonial routine (Part I)


Benefits of the state to impose and collect earnings for open public purpose to advertise the wellbeing of the people of a particular society almost 8 reales to start with, then 12 reales in 1589, after that 12 reales in 1851. Abolished in 1884 but replaced by a personal papeleta tax depending on the yearly income in the taxpayer. Every citizens over 18 are required to pay the brand new tax. As the rational of taxation was premised around the support of public wellbeing like health and sanitation, open public works, and safety of the natives, just one or two were employed for such reasons. Most traveled to corrupt The spanish language civil representatives, while some had been spent on The spanish language expeditions and maintenance of federal government offices.

Required Labor

Called Polo, all male healthy and balanced and actually able among 16 and 60 were required to give service for 40 days. The work force collected were used on building projects and on the construction and manning of ships inside the shipyards pertaining to the galleon trade The Filipino labourers, called polistas, received a similar treatment because slaves and thus they begin to produce a strong distaste for manual labor re-enforcing the apparent tendency of Filipinos to be poumon. One can be exempted by rendering pressured labor by paying a fee called falla which just one or two like the governadorcillos, canesa de brangay, and principalia can afford.

The Smoking cigarettes Monopoly of Basco

Founded in 1781 by Jose Basco sumado a Vargas

Fostering of Smoking cigarettes and its foreign trade came under authorities control and was limited in Noticia Ecija, Cagayan valley, Marinduque, and Ilocos provinces. Helped bring considerable profit to the federal government.

Led to uncontrolled abuses by government officials to the residents e. g. paying with unredeemable treasury notes, faking the quality of collected tobacco to issue lower prices. Led to the decline of food production in some areas because farmers were compelled to herb tobacco just.

The Galleon Trade

Spanish authority shut down trade associations with other countries and allowed only two countries, China and South america, to operate with the Israel. From Manila to Acapulco, Mexico

Manila became the distribution middle of Chinese and other Asian goods. Interrupted the growth and development of the Philippine economic system because other European ships were banned from starting their products in Manila. The clergy was obviously a primary trader in the Galleon trade.

The Obras Pias or pious works was a foundation exactly where money through the trade was invested and appropriated. The net income was can be used on orphanages and other charitable institutions. The friars were powerful enough to burrow money from your Obras Pias and the gov't without assets and sometimes without paying back, bringing on bankruptcy. Gov. Fernando Manuel de Bustamante investigated the main cause of the individual bankruptcy and advised the friars to pay back the cash. He fulfilled his untimely death in 1719, allegedly at the hands of the friars. The Galleon operate served as a way of connection b/w Phils., Mexico, and Spain and also saved the colony via undue fermage because the Spanish authority was preoccupied with the trade.

The Philippines underneath Spanish Imperialiste Regime (Part II)

The Encomiendas

Right given by the king of Spain into a Spaniard who helped to facilitate the settlement of your territory. Simply by implication, it had been a community office as well as the person started to be known as a n encomiendero who: 1 . Collects taxes from people beneath his legislation

2 . Was obliged to protect and protect the people below him

several. Help in the conversion of the natives to Catholicism

The encomienderos mistreated their privileges by making the local people to shell out tributes over and above what the legislation prescribed. Local people who could not come to terms in the manner dictated by the encomiendero were brutally tortured or tossed into jail. Some humane ecclesiastic officials decided to notify the full of the unlawful activities out of pity. They were Domingo Salazar, 1st bishop of Manila, and...



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