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Within an exposition / discussion kind of essay, you present or perhaps discuss a particular topic. This could involve more than one of the following.

1) An Open Discussion - You get a topic to write.

E. g. Childhood


2) A Listing Essay

Electronic. g. So why football is a popular sport. (List - reasons)

Five things I enjoy the most

(List – things love)

3) A Discussion of Both Sides associated with an Issue

Electronic. g. Exactly what the advantages and drawbacks of caning as a form of punishment? Discuss the merits and demerits of watching television.

4) Quarrelling for a Particular Standpoint (Argumentative Writing) E. g. Should examinations be abolished?

Teenage years are the worst time of one's life. Do you really agree? I) Structure as well as Organisation


Introduce the topic E. g.: give a personal comment as well as share personal experience, point out facts or perhaps quote relevant examples

Express your perspective / opinion

State the approach to the essay (optional)


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Some paragraphs - One key idea (sometimes two related ideas) can be discussed in each paragraph.


Sum up your debate

II) Matter Sentences

When ever writing an expository article, you must have a topic sentence in each section (excluding the introduction and conclusion).

The subject sentence reflects the main point / idea within a paragraph. Most commonly it is placed in the beginning of the passage.

Underline the subject sentences in each case in point below.



Q) Why football is a popular sport?

Furthermore, the rules of the video game are easy to appreciate. Yellow and red credit cards are given out for foul perform like forcing, kicking, elbowing and other types of physical violence. A yellow cards serves as the first alert while a red cards calls for the player to be directed off the discipline. With this kind of simple guidelines, it is easy to discover why so many people appreciate and prefer the game.

In the current lesson, all of us will examine the second sort of exposition; that may be, a listing dissertation. Read the unit essay within the next webpage.

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Read the subsequent essay, notice the comments within the right line and underline the topic phrases in sentences 2, 3 & four.

Expository Dissertation: A Model


What features should a great leader have?

Abraham Lincoln subsequently, Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Theresa a few

examples of great leaders the world has noticed. However , sometimes all who have are designated to management possess the important qualities of your great leader. History has given all of us both renowned and famous leaders. An excellent leader ought to possess the qualities that allow him to make the right decisions and affect others to put into practice these decisions.

Introduce the

topic with



Writer's level of

perspective in short

Raising thing which usually sets a leader apart from his followers is the fact he provides a vision and it is able to make sound programs for others to follow along with. 1st top quality: Mr Shelter Kuan Yew, Singapore's initially Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) is a good sort of one Perspective who has supreme vision and foresight. Below his impressive leadership, Singapore was changed from a small trading centre to a strong created nation within a short course of 3 decades. His leadership has influenced Singaporeans to share the same perspective in nation-building. Another important top quality of a great leader is definitely wisdom - which goes beyond knowledge -- the ability to the ideal thing in the right time. The best leaders are generally not just the ones who have got head understanding, but the ones who also understand the difficulties of issues and the complexities of people. A great head therefore has the capacity to empathise together with his people and work well with them. Not only one who basically orders people around, yet one who makes effort to comprehend others' difficulties and viewpoints, and...



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