V for Vendetta Composition

Question: Analyse how particular techniques prefer encourage the viewer to form a positive or negative view of a figure in a aesthetic text you studied.

In the film Versus for vendetta directed by James Mcteigue particular methods are used to motivate the viewer to form a confident or unfavorable view of a character. Inside the film approaches such as light, costume and symbolism are accustomed to encourage the viewer.

Meaning is displayed In the film with the masks, they have a big part to play in the film by laying out that sixth is v is a concept and not a person, for the reason that viewer by no means sees his face it portrays the concept v is an idea. The sole person who sees v pertaining to who this individual really is is usually Evey while she sees his hands when he is usually cooking breakfast. His hands are very reddish colored and burnt, which displays the audience he includes a checkered earlier and have been through a lot of things that have damaged him. This could also make clear why he's such a colourful character and that the past provides influenced the way he functions in the present. The symbolism of the mask has become used to make a positive possible of sixth is v as it reveals him like a freedom mma fighter and the hide hiding his identity produces the idea that he is.

Costume is yet another technique proven in the film and v's costume is actually a technique, which is shown favorably. The costume is mainly shown at night or perhaps in the dark as it shows he sneaks around and wants people to find out who he's but as well wants to always be secretive and stay while an " idea”. again the costume shows v positively since it shows that he's secretive regarding his identity and that he can be an idea.

Another technique is shade, colour is shown in the film with individuals such as v, he dons a lot of black or grey. Since v sneaks around in the night it is additionally shown in his dark outfit and his key colours will be red and black, the black represents the night and that he sneaks around and desires to be noticed but the red also shows that he is violent and forceful, it shows fire and thats what haunts his...



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