Why We Crave Apprehension Movies

In Stephen King's essay " How come We Desire Horror Movies” he suggested that we are mentally sick, demonstrated by simply those who speak to themselves sometimes, make grimacing faces and have hysterical fears of snakes, the dark, or perhaps tight spots. King as well stated that he believed that a apprehension movie become a huge hit to all that is certainly worst in us, allowing us to have morbidity, fundamental instincts and fantasies inside the darkness with the theater. We all believe someone who foretells himself on occasion or somebody who fears anything. We all know somebody who loves apprehension films.

I agree with Stephen King's statement that we are all mentally ill, mainly because mental wellness or mental illness is definitely conditional to whether our actions interfere with daily task and therefore are acceptable answers to needs and options. We are all capable of crossing the line among acceptable and unacceptable activities that identify being classified as sane or outrageous. Horror movies allow all of us to view and emotionally experience the consequences of insane activities.

Certainly that apprehension movies appeal to all that is certainly worse in us. Horror movies allow us to see extreme mental excitement through unacceptable activities acted out in the movies. People demand the thrill that they receive via experiencing extreme nervousness, disgust, panic and fear. Horror films trigger these unexpected, temporary emotions and reactions, but will not interfere with our daily lives after we leave the theater. Jam-packed theaters exhibiting horror movies and best selling horror books are evidence that people crave the thrill derived from viewing or imagining insane actions and their consequences.



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