Wired and Wireless

Wireless Networks Security

Prepared for

Dr . Wibowo

IFMG 250

Submitted by

Joshua Muscatello

Joshua Martin

Apr 20, june 2006

I. Launch

II. Significant Networking Components

a. Network Interface Cards

b. Modems

c. Routers

d. Hubs

e. Switches

f. Gain access to Points

g. Print Storage space

III. " cable " Networks

a. Definition

n. Types

c. Range

d. Benefit

IV. Wireless Systems

a. Definition

b. Types

c. Transmitting Standards

deb. Range

e. Benefit

Sixth is v. Wired Systems vs . Cellular Networks

a. Mobility

b. Cost

c. Range

g. Speed

electronic. Security

NI. Wireless Network Security

a. What is in danger?

i. Confidentiality

ii. Sincerity

iii. Availableness

b. Attack Methods

my spouse and i. Trojan Horse

ii. Refusal of Service (DOS)

iii. Email Spoofing

iv. Email-Borne Viruses

sixth is v. Packet Sniffing at

c. Protective Methods

i actually. Firewalls

2. Encryption

iii. Anti-virus Applications

iv. Anti Spy ware applications

VII. Summary


As technology advances in society the need for wired and wireless social networking has become necessary. Each of these types of network has their benefits and drawbacks according to security. Born networking features different hardware requirements plus the range and benefits are different. Wireless social networking takes into mind the range, range of motion, and the several kinds of hardware components necessary to establish a wi-fi network. As you read on you will certainly understand several types of configurations of networks and the security measures that need to be taken up ensure a secure network.


Agencies rely heavily on the capacity to share info throughout the firm in an successful and effective manner. Computer networks have brought about this technology and are at this point apart of virtually every business. An organization has two choices when it comes to developing a network. Useful to them a completely born network, which usually uses social networking cable to get in touch computers, or they can use an invisible network, which uses radio frequencies to connect computer. Wireless systems have allowed organizations to become more portable; therefore , agencies are now using a combination of both equally wired and wireless systems. They standard hardware structure for the 2 types of networks are fairly similar but for an organization to go wi-fi it requires some more hardware components. Even though networks give convenience they actually open the organization up to security and privacy risks. When a company is faced with a security they are ways that they can resolve and prevent foreseeable future security risks. As you read on, you will learn how the network has become an essential part of today's organizations.

Hardware Components

Just before one can set out to setup a network they need to first be certain they have a network interface greeting card, commonly termed as a NIC. A NIC is a unit that connects a computer or other device to a network. For computer systems, the NIC is usually installed in an development slot and has a chip that handles the physical and data-link layers of network marketing communications. (Cert. org/Tech) To establish your network you will require a few essential components. If you plan to access the web you will begin your network off having a cable device. This type of modem is designed to operate using your existing cable lines. Cable net has a substantial bandwidth and will support many, if not, all applications you will be applying. The second part is a router. A router is a gadget that tracks data from network to a different network. A router is definitely connected to by least two networks,...



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