Did I miss nearly anything? - Tom Wayman

1 . a) Just about every stanza with this poem starts with one-word sentence fragment rather than complete phrase. A word fragment is more effective because it symbolizes the develop of the composition. With only 1 word utilized, the poet person stresses that nothing or perhaps everything was missed without having to explain just what in the same sentence. This way one term explains and answers the question what was overlooked.

b) This poem provides very little punctuation - capital letters and line fails indicating the conclusion of a although, but simply no punctuation at the conclusion of the sentences. This use of punctuation affects the meaning from the poem since it doesn't finish the poet's idea and leaves the reader with thoughts, ideas and guesses of what otherwise might be stated, or may have happened.

2 . a)

Stanza # Textual paraphrase in the text The ironic subtext - what is really intended

1 We all couldn't do anything when you weren't here, so we just sat in our tables and performed nothing. You don't think you're so important depends upon stops and twiddles it is thumbs if you are not right here?

2 I gave an exam worth 40 % and browsing on which which quiz today worth 50 per cent with the term mark. Can you learn how much you miss if you are not in class?

3 Practically nothing in this course is useful or significant and the actions done will be pointless and won't matter to you or me. You don't think that missing the class signifies that nothing new and valuable was educated and that the exercises were given without a purpose?

4 Right after the beginning of your class an angel appeared and told all of us what you ought to do to be able to reach perfect wisdom. It had been the last working day of classes before every person separates and goes to tell the good news to any or all people. Do you consider that some type of being will come and tell you exactly what you must do to be smart enough and at least complete this course?

your five When you are not in class absolutely nothing significant can happen. Can you imagine that just because you weren't present...



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