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Apr. eight, 13

Anne Loomis

Director, Human Resources

Cruz, Jones & Brown, Inc.

Blue smoke cigarettes, ID 83300

Dear Ms. Loomis:

If your personnel are beginners or seasoned professionals for word finalizing the new Term 2010 offers features to further improve productivity

professionalism performance in organization. Most of these * New features

Include Ms word Workplace Backstage в„ў view that allows you to access crucial do- cument tools information all in one place

the ability to personalize the Bow

new artistic results

a screenshot feature you can use within word.

2. For more details around the features z Word 2010

refer to the enclosed fact sheet.

* LEANRS -2-COMPUTE, INC., a training company in Idaho having a ten-year background, offers one-day seminar in the new characteristic of term 2010. A number of training session will probably be held in the conference room at the Blue Smoke Shilo Inn the week of November 15. Now is the time to get started on planning to the employees to attend.

* To alert the employees to the new of Word 2010 and to this amazing hands-on training I am enclosing twelve to fifteen copies of a flier that you could distribute. I use also encased fifteen enrollment forms to help you pre-register everyone who is interested Space is limited to fifteen persons in daily daylong period

so get your registrations at the begining of! The cost is merely $175 every participant.

2. If I can provide you with more details or perhaps information

You should call me at the LEARNS-2-COMPUTE, Inc. main office: 1800-444-3667, Ext 4447


Jo Bill

Director of Training



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